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"Greta Marie Zandstra applies a fresh coat of paint to her portrait of Connie, the latest in a series of quirky, comely twenty-somethings she has brought to the local scene. This one stands apart."

-Creative Loafing Charlotte (Jack Goes Boating)


"Marvelously creative Greta Zandstra gives us June Sanders, who “signs, not sings,” with imaginative body motions and hilarious interpretations for people who are deaf, whether there are any in the audience or not. She really is falling-on-the-floor-laughing funny."

-Triangle Arts and Entertainment (Sanders Family Christmas)

"Greta Marie Zandstra endows Lisa with a Bette Davis darkness -- above the neckline. Below there, anything goes."

-Creative Loafing Charlotte (Debbie Does Dallas)

"Zandstra steals scenes when June's free-range interpretations for the deaf repeatedly veer into modern dance."

-Indy Week (Smoke on the Mountain)

"Zandstra, playing the naive ingenue who doesn't seem to understand the line between "cute" and "racy", gets lots of laughs by just showing up onstage."

-Sanford Herald (Fox on the Fairway)

"Zandstra's Jen is truly a fascinating monster"

-Creative Loafing Charlotte (Suitcase)

2010 - present

"Greta Marie Zandstra is ultra-pert in her courtly garb, a nearly purr-fect Puss."

-Tiny Ninja Press (Puss in Boots)

"Greta Marie Zandstra is a timeless,

blushingly energized Juliet."

-Creative Loafing Charlotte (Romeo and Juliet)

2010 - present

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